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Buy and Sell Gold

Procedure to buy gold
Our company is also interested to buy Gold under the following conditions:

Gold must be physical gold
A: Commodity: Aurum Utalium (AU) Bullion-physical stock (GLD Specification)

B: Form: 12.5 kg bar (each size of bar requires a separate FORMAL OFFER TO SELL GOLD BULLION).

C: Fineness: 999.5 or better.

D: Hallmark: Internationally accepted hallmark (i.e. Johnson Matthey, Engelhart, Swiss Bank Corp, Credit Suisse)

E: Quantity: Any in Metric Tons.

F: Lifts: To be mutually agreed, between the BUYER'S and the SELLER'S, and the BUYER'S BANK and the SELLER'S BANK.

G: Delivery: to REFINERY or to our warehouse in Kloten Zurich.

H: Price: Second London Fix (London Metal Exchange) on the day of delivery MINUS the Discount.

I: Acceptable Discount minimum: 6% Gross and 4 % Net to the BUYER

J: Payment: All payments will be in United States Dollars or in Euro and will be remitted via Letter of Credit to the Seller - Co-ordinates designated. Or by SWIFT transfer - Bank designated. Payment shall take effect after the delivery of the Gold no payment shall be made before the commodity is fully delivered and verified at the foundry. Some seller expect to receive payment as soon as the gold is put on the plane, we do not operate in this fashion, we must test the purity of the metal before we release payment. Payment is generally released 72 hours after the shipment has reached its destination.

K: Transaction: Will only be handled on a "Bank to Bank" basis. Seller's bank confirms Commodity, Buyer's bank confirms capability of payment.


Name of bank: Address of bank: Telephone Number: Facsimile Number:
E-Mail Address: SWIFT Code: Telex:
Bank Bullion Officer's Name:
Bank Bullion Officer's Bank:   


Our Agreement will incorporate the rules of Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure established by the International Chamber of Commerce "ICC", Paris , France . This Article shall survive the termination of this Agreement and remains in full force and effect for a period of five (5) years.

Except as may be required by due process of law, all information exchanged between the parties is of a confidential nature, and neither party shall disclose to any unauthorized party or entity any information obtained or received regarding this transaction 

Procedures to sell Gold:
•  The SELLER'S and the SELLER'S MANDATE shall prepare the full corporate FORMAL OFFER TO SELL GOLD BULLION with a Penalty of Perjury clause, duly signed, sealed, notarized by the SELLERS and the SELLER'S MANDATE. . Then the SELLER must be in a position to give BANK PROOF of the Gold Bullion.

Seller's mandate must be duly authorized.

•  Upon receipt of the signed and sealed FORMAL OFFER TO SELL GOLD BULLION, the BUYER'S MANDATE'S will contact the SELLER'S or the SELLER'S MANDATE and will advise acknowledgement to purchase the Gold Bullion and will issue the FORMAL GOLD BULLION CONTRACT and a Pre-advise LC from a bank strong enough to absorb the cost of the total amount of gold offered for sale.

•  The SELLER'S BANK must be prepared to forward by SWIFT or FED WIRE the proof first, as per the Rules of the International Chamber of Commerce, as to the quality of the Gold Bullion, the immediate availability of the Gold Bullion, the size of the bars, the hallmark, as well as the SELLERS or the SELLER'S MANDATE legal right to sell the Gold Bullion.

In addition, the BUYER'S MANDATES will also accept proof of the Gold Bullion from major Gold Refineries or registered Precious Metals Depositories.

•  Once the SELLER'S BANK, with full bank responsibility, has provided PRIME BANK PROOF OF THE GOLD BULLION to the BUYER'S BANK, then the BUYER'S BANK, will reply, with full bank responsibility, confirming the BUYER'S funding and ability to purchase the offered product.

Trading Currencies, Precious Stones, Precious Metals.

Note Discounts subject to change at any time.



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